Jasmine Costumes: The Turquoise Dress

Well we’re halfway through the Jasmine Costume roundup and today we’re talking about this turquoise beauty:

This outfit is obviously the most recognizable in terms of what we all think of when we think of Princess Jasmine. There’s been so many different versions of this throughout the years but they all have the same iconic features: harem pants and its beautiful turquoise color. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not technically a dress. But we’re just going to roll with it, ok?

When I first saw the promotional photos from the new movie, I was thrilled to see how this particular costume had been reimagined. It’s still iconically Jasmine of course, but it also wins points for modesty. Because, let’s face it, the original had quite a bit of skin showing. I felt like this was a healthy improvement.

As far as the rest of the design goes, don’t even get me started with all of the decorative elements. All of the gold beading and peacock accents are just truly spectacular. I loved reading about the reasons behind why they chose peacocks in particular and if you’re nerdy like me, you can read all about it here.

Over the summer, I took a women’s turquoise dress and reworked it into a costume that was inspired by these elements. It was pretty and Etta loved it, but I was never completely satisfied with it. Still, I had zero aspirations to attempt another one.

But thanks to all my ebay shopping for the previous Jasmine costumes, I came across this gorgeous turquoise veil for a whopping total of $12. It was the perfect color and already had a ton of gold sequin accents. It was lacking the peacock element, but it did have this gorgeous vine and feather like design. And one could even make the argument that the scale of this particular pattern is more ideal for a small child anyway.

Or at least, I made that argument.

There are aspects of each of these dresses that tempt me in declaring a favorite. This one without a doubt wins the category for the easiest one to make. That, combined with the amount of detail I was able to achieve simply by clicking the button and buying that veil, gives this one an extra special place in my heart. If we were giving out awards, this one would definitely win Miss Congeniality.

When it came to the construction, the basic patterns were already there. I used the same patterns from the wedding dress for the bodice and harem pants. To line the pants and make the bodice, I bought this satin fabric from Joann.

All of the other accents were bought from the same Etsy store I’ve talked about in the previous two posts. I’m pretty sure I’ve become one of their favorite customers at this point.

I changed a few things up from the original costume because of a mixture of budget and fabric constraints as well as overall practicality for a little girl. But overall, I’m much more satisfied with how this one turned out.

Her jewelry and accessories are mostly just Disney costume pieces, most of which she received from Christmas from family and friends. The one exception to this is this beeeaauuutifull reproduction necklace from the live-action movie.

Check back soon for all of the details on this fourth and final Jasmine costume!

But for now, I’ll just leave you with more photos of our resident Jasmine and Aladdin.

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I'm Mallory, wife and mama to the Courter clan. I love celebrating life and all that it has to offer. In between the everyday moments of being a homeschooling mama, I love browsing Pinterest, thrift shopping, party planning, and sewing costumes for my kiddos (and, let's be entirely honest here, myself!). The size of my pocketbook is often much smaller than the size of my dreams, but I've learned not to let that stop me. I've found that all you need is a little creativity, careful planning, and some outside-the-box-thinking to create something memorable. So follow along to see what we can come up with next.

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