Jasmine Costumes: The Pink Dress

We’re going to start this thing off by first taking a moment to appreciate my lack of creativity when it comes to naming these outfits. Am I right? I mean, “The Pink Dress” doesn’t even come close to doing this particular ensemble justice. The moment Naomi Scott appeared on screen wearing this beautiful gown, I know I echoed Prince Anders sentiments in saying “Oh wow!”

It’s just unbelievably exquisite in every detail. And when I realized that I already had a good portion of the fabrics on hand and plenty of extra trim leftover from the previous Jasmine projects, it took literally a half second for me to decide to go for it. My only main purchase specific to this dress was the gold coin trim from the same Etsy store I’ve mentioned over and over.

This dress was the last of my projects to finish and it was by far the most time consuming one. The pattern itself was simple enough since it was almost identical to the wedding dress. But all of the little details leading up to its construction were tedious. Avid seamstresses will probably smile at this but just remember that I’m a big picture kind of gal with only a small level of skill so tiny little details aren’t really my thing. I follow some pretty amazing costumers on social media and I’m always blown away by their commitment to an insane amount of detail (think hand applying thousands of individual rhinestones or sequins like this incredible girl here).

I reached a point on this dress where I almost gave it up and put it away. My workload was piling up and I had begun to really question my sanity (maybe should have done that a bit sooner, right?). And I was worried that for all the work, it wasn’t going to come out like I wanted. More than any of the others, I was really afraid that this dress would look too much like a cheap costume and I knew that if it did, I would be disgusted with myself. On a dress this ornate, there has to be an elegance to it or it just winds up looking tacky. I’ve worked on projects before where the final product left a lot to be desired in my mind and that’s not a great feeling after you’ve put so much work into it. And I really really didn’t want that to happen with this dress.

But I’m so glad I kept going because while this dress is obviously a far cry from the original, I was really satisfied with how it came out in the end. And I’m not even that mad that I sewed the coin trim on the back of the skirt totally the wrong way. It’s conveniently hidden in most of these pictures so you can just pretend like you don’t notice it.

I know I keep saying that each dress is my favorite, but honestly, I really do think this one is. It’s definitely Etta’s because she wears this one more than any of the others. It’s already beginning to wear in a few places which I’ll admit makes me a little sad. But then I remember that all that means is that it’s every bit as loved as I hoped it would be.

It’s truly a dress fit for not just a princess, but a queen (or in this case, the next Sultan of Agrabah.)

That officially wraps up this series of Jasmine costume posts! I’m calling it quits on the Jasmine costuming for the moment but there’s still a few more dresses that I’ve not tackled so I’m not making any hard and fast promises for later on down the road. And I’ve heard rumors that they’re making a sequel so basically we’re in for a world of trouble! Thanks for reading!

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I'm Mallory, wife and mama to the Courter clan. I love celebrating life and all that it has to offer. In between the everyday moments of being a homeschooling mama, I love browsing Pinterest, thrift shopping, party planning, and sewing costumes for my kiddos (and, let's be entirely honest here, myself!). The size of my pocketbook is often much smaller than the size of my dreams, but I've learned not to let that stop me. I've found that all you need is a little creativity, careful planning, and some outside-the-box-thinking to create something memorable. So follow along to see what we can come up with next.

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